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    Jiashang Water Supply Polyethylene Pipes and fittings are pollution-free, eco-friendly and environ-

mentally friendly. They reach or exceed the Safety Performance Evaluation of Domestic Water, Water 

Transfer and Distribution Equipment and Protective Materials. During the production process, no toxic

 additives are added, the inner wall of the pipeline is smooth, no scaling and no bacteria are produ-

ced.Production, connection and construction technology are mature. According to its unique physical 

and mechanical properties, hot melt connection or flange bracket connection is adopted, which has 

high toughness, reliable connection and convenient construction. Therefore, the safety factor is high 

and the leakage rate of pipeline network is low.

    The polyethylene pipes and fittings for water supply and drainage in Jiashang Pipeline Industry are 

mature in technology, excellent in material quality, high in cost-effectiveness and long in service life

of more than 50 years. We have advanced production environment and create more economic and 

social benefits.


   Product characteristics:

    1. Good hygienic performance-polyethylene (PE) pipes/fittings are non-toxic and green building

materials. ISO standard graded polyethylene materials are grade 0 (lowest level) non-mildew mate-

rials. Compared with other commonly used plastic materials, polyethylene has much higher mildew 

resistance, no bacteria, no secondary pollution, corrosion resistance and no fouling in long-term use. 

It conforms to GB/T 17219-1998 safety evaluation regulations and can effectively improve the water 

quality of pipeline network.

    2. Excellent corrosion resistance - polyethylene (PE) is an inert material. Except for a few strong 

oxidants, it can resist the erosion of various chemical media, no electrochemical corrosion, effective 

resistance, greatly improving the safety and reliability of water supply.

    3. The inner wall of polyethylene (PE) pipe/fittings is smooth and does not change with the use 

time. The friction resistance is small and the pressure loss is about 30% less than that of steel pipe. It 

can effectively reduce the energy consumption of water supply and improve the circulation capacity 

by more than 30% compared with other general pipes.

    4. Better impact resistance-polyethylene (PE) pipes/fittings have good flexibility, high impact stren-

gth, strong earthquake resistance and distortion resistance, and their elongation at break is more than

 600%. They have strong adaptability to uneven settlement of pipe foundation and are a kind of pipe-

ine with excellent seismic performance.

    5. Excellent flexibility-the flexibility of polyethylene (PE) pipes/fittings enables polyethylene pipes to

 be coiled for a longer length, avoids a large number of joints and fittings, and increases the economic

 value of the pipe for pipeline engineering.

    6. Good anti-express cracking performance-polyethylene (PE) pipes/fittings have good resistance to

 rapid crack propagation. Excellent scratch resistance and outstanding environmental stress cracking 


    7.Reliable connection performance-PE pipes/fittings adopt unique hot-melt connection, electric-

melt connection or flange connection technology, which makes the strength of the interface higher 

than that of the pipe body, realizes the integration of the interface and the pipe, can effectively resist 

the circumferential stress and the axial impact stress caused by internal pressure, and the joint will not

 be broken due to soil movement or load, and ensures that the joint will not be disconnected due to 

the action of soil movement or load, which ensures the safety and reliability of the interface.

    8.Long service life-PE pipe/fittings under normal conditions, the minimum safe service life is 50 years.

    9.Easy to recycle - Polyethylene (PE) materials can be recycled and reused, even incineration treat-

ment will not produce materials that have an impact on the environment.

    10.Good construction performance - polyethylene (PE) pipes/fittings are light in weight, simple in 

welding process, convenient in construction, low in comprehensive cost, and trenchless laying can be 





    1.Urban and rural water piping system: PE pipes/fittings are hygienic, non-toxic, non-scaling, more 

suitable for urban and rural water supply trunk pipes and buried pipes, safe, hygienic, economic, con-

venient construction and long service life.

    2. Replaceable cement pipes, cast iron pipes and steel pipes: Used in old network reconstruction 

projects, without large-scale excavation, convenient construction, low cost, can be widely used in old 

urban network transformation.

    3.Industrial raw material pipeline: chemical industry, chemical fibre, food, forestry, pharmacy, light

 industry, paper making, metallurgy and other industrial raw material pipeline.

    4.Water supply network for landscape greening: landscape greening requires a large number of 

transportation pipelines. The flexibility and low cost of PE pipe/fittings make it the best choice.

    5.Pipes for sewage discharge: PE pipes have unique corrosion resistance, can be used for industrial 

wastewater, sewage discharge, low cost and maintenance costs.

    6.Transportation of ore sand and mud: PE pipeline has high stress resistance, abrasion resistance 

and corrosion resistance, and can be widely used for transportation of ore sand, coal ash and river 

dredging slurry.

    7.Agricultural irrigation pipes: PE pipes/fittings have smooth walls, large flow, cross-road constructi-

on, good impact resistance, and are ideal pipes for agricultural irrigation.

    8.Marine Pipeline: PE pipes/fittings are light in weight and easy to connect. They can be widely used

 in internal water supply and drainage of large ships.

    9.Pipeline for seawater desalination: PE pipes/fittings have long service life and high cost performa-

nce, and are widely used in seawater desalination engineering.

Pressure Rating:≤1.6MPa

Performance Standards:GB/T13663.2-2005

Specifications:dn 50mm~dn 400mm 



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