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PE pipe filling needs to be determined according to the actual situation:

    1.The temporary emergency repair can be done by emergency repair or saddle clamp, but the mai-

ntenance time is usually less than one year.

    2.It can cut off the broken part, cut the two ends flat, and connect the flat end with the flange by 

hot melt. The two sets of flanges are connected with the steel sheet.

    3.If the settlement of the pipeline is serious and the damage area is large, the leaky pipe should be 

treated at this time. The capacitor elbow or capacitor should be added directly to the short-section 

connecting pipeline.

    4.If the diameter of the pipe is small, the leak can be cut and connected by direct hot melt (not 

commonly used).

Treatment of PE pipe leakage:

    1. Local leak repair is needed for slightly leaked water.

    a. Leakage of pipe wall cracks

    Pipe clamp can be used to repair water leakage in cast iron pipe wall cracks; pipe clamp system us-

es 10 mm thick steel plate to make two semi-circular pipes, 30 mm longer than cracks, inner radius is 

the outer diameter of repairing pipes, lining with 3 mm thick rubber plate, after installation of pipe 

clamp, tighten with bolts. For the leakage of PE pipe wall cracks, plastic pipe hoops or rapid joints 

with the same standard and data or PE rush repair repair may be selected.

    b.Interface leakage

    For the interface of cast iron pipes, if the gray nozzle is selected, the gray nozzle surface can be re-

moved about 0.5-1.0 mm first, then the gray nozzle chiseling site can be cleanly disposed of, and then

 the cleaned gray nozzle can be filled with epoxy cement sand paddle, and the gray nozzle surface can

 be smoothed. As for the lead interface, the lead mouth can be removed, and the lead can be poured

 from the beginning and consolidated. For the leakage of PE pipe interface, the corresponding PE pipe

 fittings with the same standard and data can be used to repair, and the pipes at the interface can be 

sawn together with PE pipe fittings, and then the new PE pipe fittings can be connected with the orig-

inal pipe. When the pipe is sawed off, the length is not well grasped and experienced plumber opera-

tion is needed.

    2. The need to replace polyethylene PE pipe for serious water leakage

    When pipeline damage is serious and can not be repaired or the cost of repairing is high, we shou-

ld consider all the renewal of pipeline.

    The usage method of emergency repair and connection:

    a.In installation and use, the outside surface of the pipeline must be kept clean. Because of the long

 time buried in the ground, the surface of non-metallic pipe fittings will adhere to a lot of soil, most of

 which will be corroded. The surface of pipe fittings will be oxidized, rusted, and even deformed. Only

 after necessary cleaning and shaping can the pipes be rushed to repair, and the inner surface can be

 integrated with the surface of the pipe fittings.

    b.Attention should be paid to the angle of installation. After installing the two parts of passenger 

parts mildly, the screw is tightened again. When the screw is tightened, the stress balance on both 

sides of the emergency repair joint should be ensured. There is no gap between the four sides of the 

emergency repair joint and the pipeline. Only when the pressure is moderate, can the leakage be 


    c.There is another problem that should be paid attention to, whether the apron is flat or not. If the 

apron is curled or the apron is partitioned in the upper screw process, the sealing effect can not be 


    d.When emergency repair is used, the plug should be unloaded, emptied and installed before plugging.

Pressure Rating:≤1.6MPa

Performance Standards:GB/T13663.2-2005

Specifications:dn 63mm~dn 315mm 



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