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    Electrofusion Tee plays an important and irreplaceable role in engineering and maintenance 

directly. Especially in construction, fused pipe fittings are less affected by external environment and 

human factors, so they have better reliability and are more popular with users. Especially in gas pipe 

engineering, more and more electric fused pipe fittings are being used. At the same time, because of 

the complex production technology, high cost and high sales price, the profit margin of the electric 

fused pipe fittings manufacturer is also higher, and it has become a hot spot of investment. At the 

same time, because the material of the fused pipe is PE material, the PE pipe system composed of PE 

pipe solved two major problems of the traditional pipeline: corrosion and leakage at the joint. Its 

advantages are as follows:

    1.Corrosion resistance: long service life.

    2.No leakage at the joint: The connection of fused pipe fittings ensures essentially the identity of 

the interface material, structure and pipe body of PE pipeline system, and realizes the integration of 

joint and pipe.

    3.Effective resistance to underground movement and end load: after PE pipeline system is joined by

 fusion method, the end load of the joint based on this method will not lead to joint leakage. At the 

same time, the stress relaxation characteristics of PE can effectively consume stress through deforma-

tion. Therefore, in most cases, expensive anchoring is not necessary at joints and bends. In addition,

 based on its high toughness and elongation at break. Generally more than 500%, PE pipeline system 

has strong adaptability to uneven settlement of pipe foundation.


Installation and use steps:

    1.Cut the pipe vertically, insert the socket into the position of the pipe of the fused pipe fittings and

 remove the oxide layer on the surface with a scraper.

    2.Make marking line on pipe surface with marking pen according to the socket depth of fused pipe 


    3.Insert the tube into the depth of the fused pipe fittings until the marking line. After installation, 

the axis line of the tube coincides with the fused pipe fittings.

    4.Fix pipe and fittings through fixtures to prevent dislocation and loosening during welding.


Matters needing attention:

    1.Organic substances and other substances are strictly prohibited in the inner wall of the fused pipe

 and the fusion zone of the pipe during installation.

    2.Welding pipes must be far away from the welded pipes until 30 S cooling is completed.

    3.According to the change of temperature and working voltage in the field environment, the weld-

ing time can be compensated properly when welding.

    4.According to the requirement of the welding machine, input matching power supply. The farther 

the power supply is from the welding machine, the bigger the wire diameter of the power supply is

 required, so as to avoid undervoltage affecting the welding quality.

    5.When installing pipelines, elbows and tee pipe fittings must be strengthened or fixed with supp-

orts and compensated properly.

    6.Pipe landfill must be below the frozen soil layer. Pipe trenches should not be immersed in water 

during installation and welding.

    7.When the temperature is low, the heat preservation of welded fused pipe must be done well.

    8.In order to avoid the influence of thermal expansion and cold contraction on the welding quality, 

centralizers and other tools must be used to fix the tubes on both sides of the fused pipe fittings wh-

en the temperature difference between day and night is large.

    9.Pipes and fittings should not be moved during cooling.

Pressure Rating:≤1.6MPa

Performance Standards:GB/T13663.2-2005    European standard:EN12201-3

Specifications:dn20mm~dn400mm  (dn x dn1 x dn)



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