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Product introduction
Product specification

    With sanitary grade polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin as the main raw material, proper amount of stabi-

lizer, lubricant, filler, chromogenic agent etc. were added to the plastic extruder and injection molding

 machine for processing and forming. The production of pipe fittings was completed through cooling,

 curing, setting, testing and packaging processes.


    Performance characteristics:

    1.Good mechanical properties. The tensile strength is not less than 45 MPa at 23 C. It has good co-

mpressive strength and is not easy to crack.

    2.It is easy to connect and install. Because PVC-U is light, easy to connect and has certain tough-

ness, it is easy to install. The more complex the pipeline system is, the more prominent the PVC-U 

pipes and fittings are.

    3.The flow resistance is small, the inner wall is smooth, and its roughness is 0.008-0.009.


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